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Peter Piper Pizza - 7ave/Osborn




September 11 & 18



6pm - 730pm



Peter Piper Pizza - Dysart/Bell




September  20


12:30pm - 2pm


Peter Piper Pizza - 67ave/Peoria



September  20

11am - 1pm



Peter Piper Pizza - 99ave/McDowell



September  17


6pm - 7pm


Chuck E Cheese - 32st/Bell



September  20


11am - 1pm


Here are few answers to some of the most asked questions!

My child has never played volleyball, will he or she be able to play in league?

Yes. AZYV has created a Silver division for players that are beginners and/or just at early stages of playing volleyball.

Where are practices and games and how many days of week does team practice?

AZYV has players from all over West/Central and parts of East Valley and we do our best to keep players practices in general area in which child lives. Games for Spring Season will be played in locations in Tolleson,Peoria/Glendale area and Goodyear for West Valley. For Central/East Valley games will be in Central and East Phoenix and possibly Tempe depending on number of teams from that area. Practice days and times are determined by coaches. Generally teams practice 2 time per week usually in the 5:30 to 7:00pm range. Practices may be held outdoors for some teams. Teams that wish to practice indoors must pay a gym cost(gym cost vary depending on location).


How are players placed on teams and/or how do I get my child on a advanced team?

Teams are created by area in which child lives. AZYV first two weeks of season are scrimmage games and determines what division the team should play in for season. If a player is at more advanced skill level than most of other players on team, that player most likely will be moved up to a higher division.

My child has friends and/or family members that also want to play. Can they be placed on same team?

Yes. Players that want to play on same team will be placed together on team

Is the league a competitive league?

Yes. AZYV is a developmental league, however, the league uses certified referees that will call %90 of rules that are used for high school, even for silver division. The goal of league is to get players to learn the game the correct way as well as help build their skill level for advancement. All divisions have playoffs!

Can I bring my own team and wear our team jerseys in the league?

Yes, the league does offer team rates and teams jersey can be worn in league as long as it doesnt have another leagues logo on it. Coaches bringing their own team must play scrimmage games to determine which division they will play.

Will our team travel all over valley for games every week?

No. Teams in west valley generally play teams from west valley and the same goes for teams in central and east valley, however, there may be a time where a team from west valley goes to central phoenix to play a game there and vice versa. There are some new areas that the league has just expanded to where they may be a little travel until we get more teams estblished in those areas

What is age level for league?

2nd grade - High School

Fall Season September 27 - November 15

All returning teams and coaches bringing own teams start scrimmage games 9/27. New players and teams begin scrimmage games on 10/4!

Special Thanks! Stride Gum, Emergen - C & SunRype

Arizona Youth Volleyball would like to thank Stride Gum,Emergen-C & SunRype for providng the league with boxes of samples of their products to be handed out to all kids that participate in our league. Thanks also goes out to the Actve Sports Network!









Just think what a difference it would make if everyone that reads this page could donate $1 to help our players and the AZ Youth Volleyball League you have the power to makes a difference so don't wait donate today!!!!!!



Volleyball League

The AZ Youth Volleyball League is a developmental volleyball league based out of the west valley. AZYVL offers boys,girls and coed teams. The AZYVL is a developmental league that helps kids advance in their performance. Wether they have been playing for a while or just starting out. We are a year round league only focused on volleyball skill, performance, and training. Our coaches make sure they are teaching their players positive work ethic on and off the court. There a few ways to get signed up, online or at one of our sign up locations. This information can be found here on our website. AZYVL also allows coaches/schools to bring their own teams and wear thier own uniforms if desired. Our grade levels range from 2nd Grade-High School. The league will consits of players from through out the west valley. We are looking to expand to the Central and East Valley this Spring.


League Registration: $105

Bring Your Own Team : $550 PER TEAM

Multi-Team discount available

Contact Us

Kevyn Lowell

League Director





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